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Soooo I haven't been here for a few months... or over half a year, ahahaha oops. >_> A lot has changed, including my skills and tastes. I'll post a batch of new sims soon including some revamps of old sims because holy crap I can't stand my old sims any more.

But before that, this skin blend. It was the first I made and I think I missed the mark by... a lot. Plus at the time I apparently had something against shiny skins, whereas now I rather like a bit of glow to a skin. So, I went back to the original Pixie Cold and started over - and this time around I'm much more satisfied. The forehead shine has been reduced but the skin retains its glow. It also has high cheekbones and a defined nose because that's the look I'm fond of these days. This skin is useful now (well, in my game that is, haha). It only took a few hours this time, too, whereas the first go took days. Please refer to this unedited comparison pic:

Base is of course Enayla's Pixie Cold, and the features are from a couple of mouseyblue skins, a skin of mysterious origin (no tooltip to identify the creator), a sironasims nosemask and some photos. This skin breaks Enayla's policy.

Two unedited closeups:


Download includes recolors of two Ephemera eyebrows (again, probably policy breaking), and edit of Enayla's Pixie Cold eyes. The models are wearing those brows and eyes.
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Finally, I've finished something! :'D

It's a blend of Enayla's Pixie Cold with eyes, nose, lips from Mouseyblue's skins, and with the shine toned down. I've been picking at it for weeks and it's very likely that the moment after I post this I'll suddenly notice more things I want to change - but for now, I'm pretty happy with how it looks.

This skin is not anatomically correct. I only blurred the crotch in case the image host takes offense to scandalously naked barbie groins. Somebody poke me if this image is too big, btw; it looks ok on my screen but it's 550x825 rather than my usual 350x500s.

and closeup of the faces )

If you run into any problems with this skin, please let me know! I've checked everything I think but it's entirely possible that I still messed up somewhere.

So here you go:
[download from megaupload]
[download from mediafire]

Edit 8/19/2010: The wonderful [personal profile] curiousb made an alien default version of this, which she has kindly permitted me to share: [download from mediafire]
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Helen Perry

Ian Kim

redundant extra pic of Ian )

Oh, and Hanna Thorpe from last entry: [download]

Still working on seemingly a zillion different cc projects, none of which has been finished because I have the attention span of a fly. But god, it's so hard to not flit around now that I know I can change all these little things that have been bugging me. I'm editing some walls for AL (so that the AL ceilings won't cut off the top trim) and some other walls to have a texture, and making some ceiling tiles, and fixing the wonky collars on some outfits, and putting outfits that were on skinny meshes onto the normal mesh, and then there's a bunch of random projects for Christmas in July, and that alien skin, and and and

...anyway, I hope to update here with actual cc next time. ♥
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Dear Simgod, are you there? It's me, Genvieve.

Could you please make it so that I build/landscape/decorate at approximately 10x my current speed? Or alternatively, send down a magical build mode elf who will read my mind and do all the work for me.



I spent all day working on this house:

more pics )

And I'm not even halfway to finished. But, I really like this house already. I think I'm getting better at building. This is meant to be the home of a mad scientist - there's a staircase hidden behind the trick bookcase in the second-floor study which leads down to the secret basement lab (I did test with a sim, and despite the tight space the stairs function fine). There's even a cell in the lab to house a test subject. I'm planning to use Inge's prison mods so that the resident of this house can literally keep a neighbor captive.

Now I've got to make a proper mad scientist sim.

And speaking of sims, my new favorite:

This is Hanna. She went through so many revisions and I almost scrapped her, but now I'm in love. You can't see from this angle, but she has pointy elf ears. Will upload her in the next batch of sims as soon as I finish extracting them all.
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To install, unzip and open the .package file with Clean Installer (for pc) or DBPF Reader (for mac).

All sims are packaged as they look, all cc included.* If there's a problem with any of my uploads, please let me know. Thanks!

*At first I had faulty files with just the sim file and no cc. I have updated the files, if you downloaded and the cc didn't appear please re-download.

Greg Mitchell

Eliza Patil

David Gonzalez


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